Looking to see

For me there is an big difference in ‘looking’ or ‘seeing’.

The way I see ‘looking’ is merely as an integration of a sensory process. But only to the level of presentation. The ‘seeing’ starts where the presentation of what I see ends.

I can look at something, it sets itself on my retina, passes through my optical nerve, gets dispersed in my brain through my corpus callosum from which it is distributed through my various parts of the brain. From that moment on I can start to give meaning to what I observe. This is where the beginning of ‘seeing’ lies.

The seeing can consist of connections with other things I looked at or saw, understanding what I look at or see and even what I feel when seeing it.

The observation is free from any interpretation, free from any value whatsoever. The looking-part is a bit more coloured in. And even that is to be taken literally. What I look at (and that goes on inside my brain, not in the outside world) often has colours of its own and sometimes even sounds, smells, muscle tension.

To these experiences I give meaning so I can see what I am looking at.

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