Conversational Tango

When we engage in conversation it feels like dancing an Argentine tango. One that is filled with passion for the topic as well as for the structure.

Our talks form a melody on a simple quadruple metre and as in the same binary form of a tango topics entertwine and are sometimes repeated and although it relies strongly on improvisation, there are certain codified patterns but there is no ‘basic step’.

We engage in melancholy and nostalgia, walking together to the music of the dance transmitting the feeling of the music to one another and so adjusting to the emotion and the speed of the moment. And one in every so often we stop. One beat, one count, one step.

We dance close. Always connecting to each other. Words and sentences brush as they pass back and forth like the ankles and knees of the dancers do. We embrace as we dance.

Sometimes we keep at an arms length by choosing words wisely and carefully. Sometimes we dance chest-to-chest letting the sentences flow as they go.

In the open embrace we give one another as much space as is desired yet we always remain in contact to achieve an optimum communication. Still, open or closed the embrace is not rigid, but relaxed like a warm hug.

Our dance goes counterclockwise. We often move on the outer edges of the floor but we always keep in the line of dance.

Our most beautiful dance is not the one where we aim for perfection but one that is what it is. Each of us being different, using their own typical words or phrases. Sheer bliss found through the simple gift of grace and therefor the boundary between leading the dance or following ceases to exist.


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