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A sparkle

When the muze speaks
a concentrated shimmer of light
reflecting upon luscious lips
sets out to create a starburst
and so condensing energy
Light or Dark
in an ever expanding universe of thought.

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Utter(ing) stupidity

How are you?
A question of expressing sheer ignorance.

What are you asking for? What do you really want to know?
Do you really want to know how I am doing? Or is it that you want to know what keeps me occupied?

And what if I would give you an answer? Can you cope with it?
Would your ignorance hold up to the truth?

What is it that makes your thoughts elope if I ask you about which of the variables I should take into account when answering your question?
And how come you run even further if I tell you I can’t aswer this question?

What would you really do if I just tell you your question is just plain stupid?

And, please, do not tell me you can cope. That would be utter stupidity.
Because it was You who asked me the question in the first place.

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Stuck in this life
Stuck in this brain
Stuck in this thought
Stuck in this sense of being

Being stuck to what has been stuck onto me.

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Women’s day

No greater Hymn on this day than Sappho’s Hymn to Aphrodite. and to top it off, translated by Edith Wharton.

Fragment 1:

Immortal Aphrodite of the broidered throne, daughter of Zeus, weaver of wiles,

I pray thee break not my spirit with anguish and distress, O Queen.

But come hither, if ever before thou didst hear my voice afar,

and listen, and leaving thy father’s golden house camest with chariot yoked,

and fair fleet sparrows drew thee, flapping fast their wings around the dark earth,

from heaven through mid sky.

Quickly arrived they; and thou, blessed one,

smiling with immortal countenance, didst ask What now is befallen me,

and Why now I call, and What I in my mad heart most desire to see. ‘

What Beauty now wouldst thou draw to love thee?

Who wrongs thee, Sappho?

For even if she flies she shall soon follow,

and if she rejects gifts shall yet give, and if she loves not shall soon love,

however loth.’

Come, I pray thee, now too, and release me from cruel cares;

and all that my heart desires to accomplish, accomplish thou,

and be thyself my ally.

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