slightly lifting the veil of aloness

For the outside world it might have seemed as though I was just sitting there and staring in front of myself. In actual fact I was wandering on the pathways of my brain. Letting one bubble of thought flow over into the next one. Slow and tranquil following them to wherever they may lead me.

PicsPlay_1352463249678I drifted into the soothing sea of infinity. A fleeting glimpse of a ship on its way to where sea and sky meet passed by. On the deep vibrations of the wind catching it sails it brought me to the next motion of thought. And again to another one.

Confined, secluded in my innermost self and yet not lonely. I embrace my thoughts for in all moments of solitude they are my eternal companion.


Picturecredts/Original source : Robin Hutton – Girl On Beach

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3 thoughts on “slightly lifting the veil of aloness

  1. Zak says:

    I’m lying in this pitch-dark room and just I tweeted “At times isolation scares me but when I give it a deep thought I realize….”Solitude’s been my inspiration”.
    So I know exactly what these words mean, in the quiet moments sometimes i get lost in my thoughts but i know that’s when i discover myself, solitude becomes my guide and i gather my thoughts into dreams…. thank you for the ethereal words……

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