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A Fleeting Glimpse of Silence

Silent and agile wisdom flies
through a forest of nocturnal thoughts.
Unable to the capture the ignorant one
whose spark sets light to bliss.

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Solitary Confinement

Solitude, my sole muze,
For in you I confine my vivid image.
There lay bare my deepest truths,
brought in to being by your essence,
only to be resisted by your limits.

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Borrowed from Hegel

To a gem that left a trace…

When philosophy paints its gray in gray, then has a form of life grown old. Philosophy cannot rejuvenate it, but only understand it. The owl of Minerva begins its flight only with the coming of the dusk.
               Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Thank you Zakka (@a_Zephyr) for sharing your inspiration, thoughts & being. 

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De gedachten die zich in de totaliteit van het denken bevinden.

Gedachten, zo goed doordacht en overdacht 

tot ze goed zijn als gedachten.

Dan pas kan ik bepalen of de gedachten ook goed zijn

en tot gedachtengoed verworden.

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