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And there it was: empathy.

Unexpected. And then again not.

It came from the one. You know that solitary number, that what is just one and will remain to be so until the end of times ?

It was not the one that made it unexpected for that one has it in itself.

Just the one form of empathy only that one can bring regardless of what many think.

For that single being knows what it is like to be just one.

It knows what it is like to experience solitude.

The unexpectedness lay in the time and shape this empathy emerged.

And for just this once the unexpected was as I always expected it to be.


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FairnessTo @autistagirl

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Beyond my worldly comprehensions

Who is the being
in this far of world?
Solid fluidity.
My fingers reach
far beyond the horizon
only to touch its
invisible image.

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