And there it was: empathy.

Unexpected. And then again not.

It came from the one. You know that solitary number, that what is just one and will remain to be so until the end of times ?

It was not the one that made it unexpected for that one has it in itself.

Just the one form of empathy only that one can bring regardless of what many think.

For that single being knows what it is like to be just one.

It knows what it is like to experience solitude.

The unexpectedness lay in the time and shape this empathy emerged.

And for just this once the unexpected was as I always expected it to be.


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Out of the blue

Vile yellow streaks
crashing hopeful blue.
A dividing line between
old and new.
A darkened dawn approaches the seemingly endless day.
Time is but relative.
After a week it goes away.

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Als het licht tikt

In het donker valt het licht

als duizenden dominostenen

in rood, in groen of blauw


ritmisch naar beneden.

Het licht dat tikt,

de klok die rust,

de tijd is zacht vergleden

door dat het zacht

wat het duistere bracht

mijn wit heeft doorgesneden.

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Craving for clarity.
Thinking things through.
Potentially actually true.
Drowning in an infinite
plain of thoughts.

External limits,
determining borders,
a pencilled-in line
that chokes all thinking
to a sudden death.

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